Winter is Coming Food Drive - Lakefield

Published on November 14, 2020

MPP Dave Smith, mayors and volunteers raised over $4,500 in cash and food donations for the Lakefield food bank. 

Lakefield - MPP Dave Smith has agreed to spearhead Kawartha Food Share's "Winter is Coming" Food Drive Campaign. The campaign, set to take place in Buckhorn, Bridgenorth, Lakefield, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen and North Kawartha, is focused on raising food and cash donations for the local food banks in the County of Peterborough.


"We are so thrilled to be hosting a series of food drives throughout the County of Peterborough to support our member agencies in those communities. We’ve received lots of phone calls and emails from members in our county communities wondering how they can support their local food banks throughout the pandemic, and the Winter is Coming Food Drive allows them to do just that!” said Ashlee Aiken, General Manager of Kawartha Food Share. “Thank you so much to Dave Smith, his office staff, The Kinsmen and, all of the local grocery stores participating for their support in helping us to end hunger in Peterborough and County,” she added.


“Kawartha Food Share has been crucial to our community, under the passionate leadership of Ashlee Aiken and their many generous donors and volunteers, millions of dollars worth of supplies have gone to those who need it,” MPP Dave Smith said. “I am more than happy offer my assistance to help food banks in the county during these difficult times,” added MPP Smith.


“Being in this together means more than physical distancing,” Warden J. Murray Jones said. “It means giving that extra bit of help to our friends and neighbours. We can ‘bank’ on it,” Warden Jones concluded.


“As Mayor of North Kawartha I am pleased to partner with MPP Smith to support critical community organizations like our local Food Bank,” said Mayor Amyotte. “Now more than ever, it is important for us to come together and support our most vulnerable and make sure that no one goes hungry this winter,” Mayor Amyotte concluded.


“Everyone’s willingness to help each other out is an important part of what makes our community a special place to live.  Please support the “Winter is Coming” food bank campaign. Your contribution will make a positive difference in someone’s life,” Mayor Andy Mitchell said.






Important Dates:




November 7th

10AM - 2PM

Buckhorn Foodland



November 13th

2:30PM – 5PM

John’s Valu-Mart



November 14th

10AM – 2PM

Lakefield Foodland



November 21st

10AM – 2PM

Havelock Foodland



November 28th

10AM to 2PM

Sayers Foods



Individuals interested in supporting this initiative are encouraged to come to the depots, support our local grocery stores and those less fortunate in our community.

Volunteers will take all safety measures and please wear a mask if making a donation.