Health Care Workers: You Have Our Back & We Have Yours!

Published on March 25, 2020

Our government knows you need support.

We have your back. 

Since COVID-19 began we have introduced these measures:


  • $100 million for increased capacity in hospitals to assist with the effective treatment of COVID-19 patients in both critical care and medicine beds;
  • $50 million for more testing and screening through public health, including additional funding to support extraordinary costs incurred to monitor, detect and contain COVID-19 in the province. This includes contact tracing, increased laboratory testing capacity and home testing;
  • $50 million to further protect frontline workers, first responders and patients by increasing the supply of personal protective equipment and other critical supplies and equipment to protect them;
  • $25 million to support frontline workers working in COVID-19 assessment centres, including the creation of a new fund to provide respite care, child care services and other supports as they are needed;
  • $50 million for long-term care homes to support 24/7 screening, additional staffing to support infection control and additional supplies;
  • $20 million for residential facilities in developmental services, gender-based services and protective care for children and youth to support additional staffing, respite for caregivers impacted by school closures, personal protective equipment and supplies and transportation costs to minimize client exposure and to support social distancing, as well as additional cleaning costs.
  • $5 million to protect seniors in retirement homes through increased infection control and active screening procedures;
  • $4 million for Indigenous communities to support transportation costs for health care professionals and the distribution of critical supplies;
  • Set up 58 COVID-19 Assessment Centres since March 24th;
  • Acquired 12 million more gloves; 1 million more N95 respirators; and nearly 6 million more surgical masks with an additional 500,000 N95 respirators; 1 million masks; 750,000 gowns; 500,000 gloves; 750,000 face shields; and 20,000 units of hand sanitizer coming soon.
  • Purchased 300 additional ventilators, bringing our stockpile to 500.